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H.E.R. Academy

Thee High-class Educated Role Models Academy, better known as, H.E.R. Academy, offers educational opportunities impacting youth girls (2 through 12) providing access to affordable pre-school and primary-school education.

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Christ + HER

H.E.R. Empire’s Christmas Toys Giveaway is designed to extend the spirit of giving by blessing families in need with toys. We hope to bring joy and smiles to the faces of children every Christmas season. For many, the holidays can be one of the most difficult times of the year. For some, buying gifts and extra food is just not in their budget. Some families are worried about more important things, such as where they'll sleep or where their next meal will come from. H.E.R. Empire collects unwrapped toys from October to December for families in need. Toy requests are first come first serve, pending the availability of toys. We request all documents to be submitted by the first Friday in December of the year. All families that are approve of toys will be notified via email with pickup date, time, and location. Our facility is in Gainesville, FL.

Young Businesswomen


SuccessHER is an entrepreneur program that is designed to provide youth girls ages 13 to 18, but not limited to with a vision of entrepreneurship the space to learn, practice, and accomplish that goal. The program introduces the basics of planning, creating, and financing a successful business. SuccessHER will cultivate skills and strategies that will equip young entrepreneurs with an understanding of how business works. SuccessHER engages youth in productive yet fun learning activities, with extensive hands-on training, and methods that will foster innovative ideas.

Chemistry Class

H.E.R. eSTEAM Club 

H.E.R. eSTEAM Club program designed to build character, self-esteem, and develop strong leadership skills in girls ages 8 and up.  The program offers interactive life-skills workshops, experiential learning activities, STEM/STEAM career exploration, and group mentoring. H.E.R. eSTEAM Club aims to support girls at an early age to cultivate confidence and strong leadership skills. Prepare her for college or other training.



NurtureHER is a parenting program that is designed to help guide single moms to make faith the core of their parenting, with intentional biblical teaching, and Christ-centered plans.  NurtureHER goal is to renew the confidence of single moms, give fresh insight on parenting children of different ages, and a parenting plan unique to each child's personality and gifting.

Thick Frames

HER Voice

HER Voice place emphasis on young girls to improve herself, mind, body, and soul. HER Voice is about loving the inner her and being comfortable in her skin. HER Voice teaches that it is ok to embrace her flaws and all.

Dancing on Rooftop


This is our summer enrichment Program that is the expansion of our HER Majesty Mentorship Program. SumHER is an inspiring yet creative Summer Program designed to groom girls in various areas to pursue purpose. SumHER program offers various services to youth girls as it relates to youth mentoring, weekly field trips, enrichment activities, etiquette, life skill training, arts & craft, outdoor activities, girls reading club, biblical truth for girls, weekly dress up themes, S.T.E.A.M, and positive discussions for growing girls. Every morning our girls with experience the presence of God through our morning worship. 

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Making a DiffHERence

Empower girls to reach their greatest potential and give back to their own communities.

Community Engagement and Community Service Activities. We strive to set a standard for every girl to make a difference in her community. The young ladies will occasionally gather as one large group to participate in community service activities.

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HER Majesty

Additionally, we offer youth mentoring, small study groups, and monthly theme life skills training (sewing, cooking, haircare, skincare, hygiene, and etc) to assist in developing our girls to their full potential as leaders today.  HER Majesty is broken up into three different age groups.

On The Way To School

After School Program

High-class Educated Role Models Empire, Inc. (H.E.R. Empire) Afterschool Program is offered to girls in grades Kindergarten to 5th in Alachua County. Our Afterschool Program offers a structure environment filled with exceptional female mentors dedicated to helping our girls excel academically and socially. H.E.R. Empire Afterschool Program provides age appropriate activities that will enhance and enrich our students by working on subjects covered in school, working with our students teachers, learning study skill strategies, and providing leadership, career development, and social skills building sessions.

Working at Outdoor Cafe


Supply tools, support, structure, and funding to start a business. Female entrepreneurs has to provide the committee with a application of entry, a letter of intent, and a business plan. Each person will receive $1,000 award.

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